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Product Information

A Supply-side platform (or) Sell-side platform (SSP) for revive ad server serves as a technology platform to enable web publishers to effectively manage their advertising space inventory, fill them with ads and generate revenue.

Publishers can sell and manage the display, video or native ad inventory on desktop and mobile through the SSP’s.

Supply-side platform connects multiple Demand-side platforms that support open Real time bidding (RTB).

The Admin configures the list of DSP’s that support open RTB standards, select their bid auction types and open RTB version.

Core functional flow

The Revive ad server receives ad request from the user. SSP then sends bid request to associated demand platforms of publishers to fill the ad space. SSP will receive bid response from the connected demand platform if there is no response within a timeframe, the bid response gets ignored and process the bid auction. The plugin then selects the highest bid rate banner and send the win notice to demand platform.


Plugin characteristics

SSP support for internal ads with the following format

Native Ads

-          App wall

-          Content Video Streaming

-          News Feed

-          Chat List

Video Ads

-          Inline

-          Overlay

-          Companion banner support

-          Wrapper ads

Audio DAAST Ads

-          Inline Audio ads

-          Wrapper audio ads

Passback/Fallback Tag

If the DSP does not return any ads, the internal revive ad would place a passback/fallback tag. With the help of this feature the fill rate can be increased.

House Ads

If there are no passback/direct advertiser/external ads, SSP delivers ad network’s own brand ads instead of blank ads in ad slots.

Video ads specifications

Supported video ads

Video ads IAB standard Vast 2.0 and Vast 3.0

Inline, Overlay and Companion video ads

Third party video ads/Wrapper ads supported

JWPlayer 7.3.4 built in supported

Video ads tracking and reporting supported

          -Tracking event start, 25% completed, 50%completed, 75 %completed, Create view, Skip, Mute, Unmute, Accept invitation, Linear, Collapse and Expand supported.

Audio ads specifications

Supported audio ads

Audio ads support for DAAST 1.0

Linear Audio ads/Third party Audio ads/Wrapper ads

No player integrated

Run DAAST response in any DAAST enabled html5 player

Audio ads tracking and reporting support

         - Tracking event start, 25% completed, 50%completed, 75%completed, Completed, Skip, mute and un mute.

 Native Ads Specifications 

It supports open RTB dynamic native version 1.1 and allows advertisers to deliver the perfect message to the end user without causing any hindrance to the browsing experience. The specialty of native ads is its ability to merge with the publisher website, it will be hard to differentiate between website content and the ad placed on the site.

There are various types of native ads available for advertisers to choose from depending upon their requirement.

Native Ad Types

  • In-feed Image

  • In-feed Text

  • In-feed Video

In-feed ads are the latest formats that aid in placing ads on the feed to help monetize your site and enhance user experience for every user.  Ideally in feed ads are placed in between contents on the feed. They can be customized to match the look and feel of the site content. The feed on which ads are placed can be editorial or listings feed. They seamlessly fit inside your feed and will not disturb or break user flow.

App specification

Android and iOS SDK support to deliver image and text ads from demand platform and internal ads. Plugin provide option to download the SDK's.
API used to return the video ads in vast format and native ads with JSON response to read and write in your own app based on requirement of app users.

 Open RTB Objects Supported

-          App Object

-          Video Object

-          Native Object

-          Audio Object

-          Request Object

-          Impression Object

-          Banner Object

-          Format Object

-          Site Object

-          Publisher Object

-          Producer Object

-          Content Object

-          Device Object

-          Geo Object

-          User Object

-          Segment Object

-          Regs Object

-          Deal Object

Additional features of Plugin

    Signup advertiser and publishers in your revive platform and admin can approve/reject/delete the user from your revive platform.
    Prepaid and Post-paid billing system available with PayPal payment gateway.

Benefits of the Advance version of SSP

With the help of an advanced version of SSP for revive ad server, the publisher can get the highest CPM rate and get more traffic from different platforms.

SSP integrates any DSP which follows the open RTB standards.

Support for internal and external native video and audio ads.

Open RTB version 2.4 is supported.

A Publisher can decide which DSP platform they require.


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