Revive/OpenX Adserver Consulting: Installation, Upgrade and Customization


Reviveadservermod has more than eight years of experience in plugin development. We provide plugins for mobile, desktops, video, and third party integration. Our modules support all versions of revive adserver and offer hassle free operations. We provide consulting services for all versions of revive/openx adserver.

Our services include,

  • Revive adserver Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Customization
Revive adserver Installation

Revive adserver is an open source ad serving package used by advertisers and publishers to handle their basic ad operations and to distribute online advertisements. We support you to install any required version of revive/openx adserver to make the installation easier.

Revive adserver upgrade: OpenX to revive adserver

The present revive adserver v4 has PHP mysqli extension and support PHP7 version without manual compilation. The bugs and issues in older versions has been cleared in revive adserver 4.1.3 version. Reviveadservermod provides assistance to upgrade your older versions of openx/revive adserver to any new version of revive adserver.

Plugin customization

Our experience and knowledge in plugin development for revive adserver will provide you a customized plugin based on the requirements.

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