Custom AdRequest REST API for Mobile SDK    
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Custom AdRequest REST API for Mobile SDK plugin is used to make better communication between App and Revive Ad server. You can use your own SDK to get ads from Revive Ad server using this API. dJAX API like middleware between Revive Ad server and SDKs.

Custom Ad request REST API for SDK

Following  Device based  Targeting get supported

  • User IP [Sample: GT-I9300I]

  • deviceModel [Sample: GT-I9300I]

  • PackageName [Sample:]

  • osVersion [Sample: 4.2]

  • location [Sample: 35.6970472,51.0696206]

Ad Request send from SDK to revive ad server using dJAX API along with zone id and targeting parameters mentioned.API process the ad request and match the targeting criteria and return the valid ads in JSON  response. 

Banner Response format:

  • Banner URL

  • Banner Text/Title

  • Banner Description

  • Banner Size

  • Click URL

  • Impression tracking url

  • Message described in Banner level

  • Output Response

Video ads:

  • Video ads return in VAST Response

  • Supports for Vast 2.0 & Vast 3.0

  • Video event tracking reported

  • Linear & Non linear ads supported


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