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HTML 5 Banner Plugin for revive ad server is built using HTML 5 technology which is currently used by many top websites on the Internet.

When the modern browsers like Google chrome and Firefox had stopped accepting the flash content, the advertisers are not ready to use flash banners to advertise their products. And apart from that, the users have to install Microsoft silver light or adobe flash to access the animated banners.

But these drawbacks are overcome by HTML5 banners because its recent technology of HTML5 language has a cross browser and cross platform support and it helps to build rich media advertisements for the user.

How to access HTML5 banners plugin?

  • To access HTML 5 banner in revive ad server, the user has to sign in as manager and choose to add a new banner option in banner section.

  • The option will redirect to destination page where the user can add height and size of a banner.

  • The HTML5 banner should be uploaded in a ZIP file by following the same format in the sample HTML5 ZIP file.

  • Once the banner has been uploaded, enter the destination URL and fill the required details.

  • The user can preview the uploaded banner using preview option before ending the process.

  • When the zone has been created in publisher login, the HTML 5 ad can be delivered in the website.

Advantages of HTML5 banners

  • HTML5 ads support both desktops and mobile devices.

  • The plugin enables the user to access beneficial features of HTML 5 in revive ad server.

  • HTML5 banners generate better CTR, impressions, and click rates.

  • It can create user-interactive and rich media ads for the advertiser.

  • Improved ad traffic and audience engagement. It is the right alternative for flash banners.

  • The users can advertise multimedia or graphical advertisements using HTML5 banners.

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