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REST API plugin for revive ad server is used to perform the remote communication between any application using the REST architecture. The plugin allows the user to access the backend as revive ad server with their customized user-interface. REST is a light and fast platform for its users and the REST API response would be in JSON format. The user can access the plugin in all versions of revive ad server.

The plugin support major features of revive ad server using REST API and it is categorized as,

  • Revive Management Functions

  • Revive Statistics Functions

  • Revive management function is used to manage all user-interface features like add/edit/delete revive entities like advertiser, campaign, banners, trackers, websites and zones.

    Revive statistics functions is used to retrieve all revive statistics data by using filter by date and filter by revive entities.

     REST API Methods: Revive Management Functions

    The plugin user can perform the following managerial operations using revive management functions and they are.

    Agency Management

    Add Agency

    Edit Agency

    Delete agency

    Get agency details

    Advertiser Management

    Add advertiser

    Edit advertiser

    Delete advertiser

    Get advertiser details

    Get all advertiser

    Campaign Management

    Add campaign

    Edit campaign

    Delete campaign

    Get campaign details

    Get all campaign

    Banner Management

    Add Banner

    Edit Banner

    Get limitation

    Set limitation

    Get all banner

    Get banner details

    Delete banner

    Publisher Management

    Add publisher

    Edit publisher

    Delete publisher

    Get publisher details

    Get all publishers

    Zone Management

    Add zone

    Edit zone

    Delete zone

    Get zone details

    Get all zone 

    User Management

    Add user

    Edit user

    Delete user

    Get user

    Get all user

    Tracker Management

    Add tracker

    Edit tracker

    Delete tracker

    Get tracker

    Get tracker by advertiser

    Link Management

    Link Ad By Zone

    Link Campaign By Zone

    Link Zone By Ad

    Link Zone By Campaign

    Targeting channel Management

    Add targeting channel by website

    Add targeting channel by agency

    Revive Statistics Functions:

    The Reviveadservermod REST API provides API calls to retrieve statistics of revive using date and entity names. 

    Agency Statistics

    Agency daily statistics

    Agency advertiser statistics

    Agency campaign statistics

    Agency banner statistics

    Agency publisher statistics

    Agency Zone Statistics

    Advertiser Zone Statistics

    Campaign Statistics

    Campaign Daily Statistics

    Campaign Banner Statistics

    Campaign Publisher Statistics

    Campaign Zone Statistics

    Campaign Conversion Statistics

    Banner Statistics

    Banner Daily Statistics

    Banner Publisher Statistics

    Banner Zone Statistics

    Publisher Statistics

    Publisher Daily Statistics

    Publisher Zone Statistics

    Publisher Advertiser Statistics

    Publisher Campaign Statistics

    Publisher Banner Statistics 

    Zone Statistics

    Zone Daily Statistics

    Zone Advertiser Statistics

    Zone Campaign Statistics

    Zone Banner Statistics

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