VAST Mediation Plugin    
Product Information

  • VAST Ad mediation plugin for revive ad server works to ensure that publisher fill their ad slots using best vast mediated video ad networks configured.

  • VAST mediation acts on a single platform providing unifies solutions for video access to demand sources.

  • Supported on both the display and mobile platform the video mediation plugin seamlessly integrate and manage a number of video networks which in turn improves the overall fill-rate and eCPM.

  • Through the video mediation platform publishers can maximize their revenue by serving top performing video ad formats from the leading video ad networks.

  • The VAST mediation plugin is a weighted mediation platform and Weights are determined by the performance of video ad network (eCPM) and Country weight.

  • VAST mediation API sends a VAST request to the connected video ad networks and waits for maximum response time.  And if the request returns a valid response then it is taken further for bid auction.

  • The bid auctions would be taken based on the eCPM and returns the ads from own video networks.

  • At the time of configuration the VAST mediation API provides the option to select the country in which the traffic should serve. And based on the users’ location the VAST request is sent to the video ad network.

Configuration of DSP/Video Ad network

Any number of video ad networks that support VAST mediation can be configured.

Supported ad types

VAST mediation plugin is supported for

  • VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 Linear and Non Linear Ads

  • Third party Video/ Wrapper Ads

  • Video ads which can be skipped

  • VPAID 1.0 and VPAID 2.0 event support

Fallback support

In case none of the video networks provide a valid response then a fallback response would be initiated from the VAST mediation API.

Supported macros

Following are the macros supported for VAST Mediation and Vast Video ads

  • ${F_ZONEID}                           -           Zone Id (Site Id)

  • ${MF_VIDEO_LENGTH}             -           Video Content Length.

  • ${MF_INV_REFERER}               -           Video display URL

  • ${MF_DEV_OS}                        -           Device OS

  • ${MF_DEV_OSV}                      -           Device OS version

  • ${MF_DEV_IP}                         -           User IP

  • ${MF_DEV_UA}                        -           Browser useragent

  • ${MF_DEV_IFA}                       -           Device Apple IDFA, Google Advertising ID or Roku RIDA (Clear Text/Unhashed)(Sample: 38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000d)

  • ${MF_DEV_APP_BUNDLEID}    -           App BundleID(Ex:com.exampleapps.example

  • ${MF_DEV_APPNAME}             -           App Name

  • ${MF_DEV_MAKE}                   -           Device Manufacturer

  • ${MF_DEV_MODEL}                 -           Device Model

  • ${MF_LOC_LAT}                      -           Device Latitude

  • ${MF_LOC_LONG}                   -           Device Longitude

  • ${MF_CB}                               -           Cache buster random value

  • ${MF_ADSPACE_WIDTH}        -           Player width or adslot width

  • ${MF_ADSPACE_HEIGHT}      -           Player height or adslot height

  • ${MF_USER_YOB}                 -           User Year of birth

  • ${MF_USER_GENDER}           -           User Gender

  • ${MF_VPI}                             -           Specifies the type of creative we returnex: .MP4


Track the video impressions (or) clicks and the revenue for a zone either by considering the eCPM value filled or the country weight.

You can track the following events for video

-          Create view

-          Start

-          25% completed

-          50% completed

-          75% completed

-          100% completed

-          Mute/Unmute

-          Full-screen/Exit full-screen

-          Pause

-          Skip

-          Accept invitation

-          Reporting/Video Statistics 

Video reports

You can view the following on the new report page

-          Zone name

-          Create view

-          Start

-          25% completed

-          50% completed

-          75% completed

-          100% completed

-          Mute/Unmute

-          Full-screen/Exit full-screen

-          Pause

-          Skip

-          Accept invitation

Video Ad network Statistics

The following details can be viewed on the ad networks’ performance

  • Ad network name

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Revenue

  • eCPM

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