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VAST video ads plugin for revive ad server supports VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0. The plugin instructs the video player on how and when to play the ad; and the ad to be played. The plugin complies with the standard IAB guidelines.



-          Plugin supports all video ad formats specified under VAST

-          Create and manage ads with sequence of easy flow

-          All players (JW Player, Video JS, Flow player...) compliant with VAST are supported

-          Create a campaign with the different parameters


Video Ad Formats

  • Linear Ads/Inline Video Ads

  • Non Linear Ads/Overlay Video Ads

  • Companion Ads

  • Video Ad Pods

  • Skippable Video Ads

  • Wrapper Ads

Linear Ads/Inline Ads

Supports video and image ads that play for a short duration and it provides the respective timeline for it.

The three common types of ads

• Pre-roll         • Mid-roll        •Post-roll

Non-linear Ads/ Overlay Video Ads

Supports text and image in the form of banner ads, that last from 10 to 20 seconds over the playing video.

Companion Ads

Companion ads simultaneously display pre-roll ad and ad banner in the video player.  The banner ads can redirect the user to the advertiser’s website when clicked on. Companion ads support standard image banner and rich media ads.     

Video Ad Pods

Ad pods are multiple video ads that play back to back in a single ad placement; more like television commercials. It is places as pre-roll, Mid-roll or post-roll ads.

Skippable Ads

This event is supported only for linear ads. Now using the skip button viewers can skip or exit the ad after five seconds with the ad being a maximum of thirty seconds. The ad impressions would be calculated even if the viewer skips the ad.

Wrapper Ads

Wrapper ads serve third party video ads across all the VAST versions. A Wrapper is a response that provides a URI that the video player uses to call a secondary VAST response. The secondary response may be either another Wrapper or a VAST Inline responsive


Video delivery methods

• Streaming (RTMP)                               • Progressive (HTTP)                      • Third party VAST tags


Statistic report and tracking events

Provides clear and concise statistical data for video and third party tracking events



  • Advertising analysis report: Shows the breakdown of advertising for a particular advertiser or website by day, campaign and zone.

  • Campaign analysis report: Shows the breakdown of advertising for a particular campaign by day, banner and zone.

  • Conversion tracking report: A detailed breakdown of all conversion activity by advertiser or website

  • Campaign delivery report: Shows delivery statistics for all campaigns which were live during a specific period and highlight the campaigns which are underperforming.


Video tracking events

• Start                        • First quartile              • Midpoint                 • Third quartile

• Complete                 • Pause                        • Mute/Unmute          • Full screen/Exit

• Expand/collapse       • Create View               • Accept Invitation      • Close

• Accept Invitation       • Linear                       • Close Linear            • Skip progress

• Rewind                     • Resume. 


Third party tracking events

• Click tracking           • Custom tracking       • Non-linear click tracking

• Companion click tracking



  • Overlay text and html type ads are limitated in few player and so it is player dependend.

  • Some individual third party ads player plugin only support VPAID ads and VPAID API

  • Framework is required for swf overlay ads.


Plugin benefits

  • Adheres to the VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 guidelines specified by the IAB

  • Easy to install and integrate with the revive ad server

  • Capable of displaying third party ads

  • Track video response and ad engagement

  • Reports can be generated and exported in Excel format


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