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Re-Targeting is a cookie based technology to target the potential customer to increase the chance of action/conversions effectively. It is a method to server Ads based on User’s Interest in the Ecommerce world.

Re-Targeting is one of the efficient ways to bring back online visitors to make purchase, Register etc which allows advertisers to increase their revenue in short period of time.

If a user browses an online shopping site to buy a watch and if he quit the page without making a Purchase for any reason or for no reason. Advertiser can still bring the lost customer again on track through retargeting the brand to the user.

If the user browses for a watch (abc brand) in the product site ( or in an ecommerce site a cookie will be placed by the targeter in the user’s browser to keep him in track with the product and if user leaves the site without purchasing it and browses an another site of his own interest (example: then the Advertiser with the help of Re-Targeting plugin can serve the product (abc watch) to the user as Ads on website, if is a publisher with the same Ad Network / Ad Agency as advertiser and now the possibility of Sale is increased. Ad Network / Ad Creative Retargeting is a way of targeting user who already interacted with the Banner/Ad that served earlier in a product site or other site.

Advantages of installing this plugin:

  • Enhanced Brand appearance.
  • Greater Engagement.
  • Increased Conversion.
  • Potential Audience are Targeted.

Re-Targeting uses “Pixel” code that is not visible to the end user. Advertisers can paste the pixel code into their web-pages to track down the visitors and their browsing activity. If a visitor visits an advertiser site and browses the page where the pixel code has been pasted, Re-Targeting will drop a cookie in user's browser, thus retargeting the visitor if conversion has not happened.

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