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Introduction to DSP plugin

DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver is used to purchase an online video, mobile and display advertisements from worldwide publisher websites. The plugin connects the advertisers with the ad exchange platform where the publisher sells their ad inventories. It benefits the users by providing automated ad pricing and ad placement. The benefit of DSP is the price of the inventory is selected automatically and the ad placement will occur without manual interference.

Process of DSP

The DSP provides a separate platform for overall ad management operations. It provides account management feature for various ad agencies and grants wide access to numerous ad inventories of the publisher available in the ad exchange. The DSP plugin allows the users to choose the desired ad inventory and targets the customers using available targeting options.

The ad inventories are purchased using real time bidding process for accurate pricing and for the better ad placement and ad optimization. The plugin will select the inventory based on the ad requirement and provide access to the broad range of ad exchanges.

Ad campaign management

  • The plugin provides automated trading and real time bidding for the ad campaigns.
  • This feature will meet all the requirements in campaign management process.
  • The plugin offers efficient ad tracking and inventory bidding for the users.
  • The ads that are selected in the bidding process will be placed in real time on publisher websites.

Targeting feature

  • The DSP plugin provides targeting options for the advertiser ads and it includes location targeting, behavioral targeting and user targeting.
  • These options will deliver the advertisement to the targeted audience and offers brand popularity.

Data manipulation

  • The DSP will offer the data of third party customers in a prospect to the RTB campaigns.
  • The advertisers can utilize the data for their ad campaign needs.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The DSP platform is suitable for all kinds of advertisers and it provides support for creating the ad campaign and in providing technical assistance.
  • It offers ad management and campaign management facility for the advertisers.
  • The real-time bidding in DSP is common for all the advertisers and its bid amount will be suitable for the budget of the users.
  • It selects inventory price automatically and provides ad placement without manual interference.
  • The plugin publishes the ads in real time and places the ad in proper ad inventory.

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